Each translation is additionally verified by our Quality Assurance team. Verification consists of comparing the source text and the translation in terms of translation correctness, text completeness, consistent application of the proper stylistic convention and terminology typical of the given customer or sector. An important stage of verification is proofreading, which is aimed at ensuring the linguistic correctness of the text in the target language.

We also offer translation verification as a stand-alone service.

A translated text can also be verified by a specialist who has knowledge and experience in the given field and uses the specialist language of the translation in practice, or by a native speaker of the given language.


We recommend using the editing service when you translate materials intended for publication, e.g. marketing materials, press releases, website texts, academic papers, industry-specific articles, biographical notes, etc.

Editing involves verifying the text in terms of the intended communication objective, language correctness, stylistic register and conventions established in the given field. The editor modifies the text to express its underlying thoughts more accurately and improve the overall tone and clarity of the text.

We also offer editing as a stand-alone service.



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