For translation of official documents (including diplomas, certificates, documents authenticated by a notary or drawn up in the form of a notarial deed, etc.) we engage translators entered into the register of sworn translators kept by the Polish Ministry of Justice.

Certified interpreting services are provided at the request of public authorities – courts, offices, prosecutor’s offices. In addition, sworn interpreters provide services on such occasions as reading of notarial deeds, trials, examination of witnesses, shareholder meetings, business negotiations and signing agreements with the participation of people who do not know the language of the meeting.

We also offer certified translations signed with an electronic signature. They are documents in electronic form signed with a digital signature, which replaces the signature and stamp of a certified translator and can be verified using a valid qualified certificate. The use of electronic signatures is compliant with the Act on the Profession of Sworn Translator, facilitates the flow of documents and guarantees their authenticity and security.



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T (+48 22) 621 97 18
F (+48 22) 625 22 81