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Translation Agency Warsaw

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Has 30 years of experience in providing comprehensive language communication solutions.

Cooperates with 500 clients from Poland and abroad who entrust us with their projects.

Is a brand positioned in the top of Polish companies dealing with translations.


Is a company using innovative technologies and solutions at all levels of business activity.

Has an established team of professionals, performing to the highest customers’ standards.

Works with over 600 translators – professionals in various fields and languages, reviewers, proofreaders, editors, graphic designers and IT specialists.


Is a guarantee that every translation is prepared by specialists, experts in their respective fields, working in over 400 language pairs, always in compliance with the strictest quality standards – ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 17100:2015.

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Legal and finance
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Medical and pharmaceutical
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Technical translation
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IT & Telecommunications
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Marketing translation
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This year, our Warsaw-based INTERTEXT Translation Agency celebrates its 30th anniversary. For three decades of our operation we have translated over a million of pages of specialist documents, for over 8,000 clients from all over the world.

Since the very beginning our mission has been to deliver top quality services.

The measure of INTERTEXT’s success are simple and transparent principles that guide us every day in our contacts with people from all around the globe.

At INTERTEXT, we stand by our values – transparency, flexibility, respect, and trust.

In this special anniversary year we would like to particularly thank our clients and co-workers for their cooperation and trust they have placed in us.

General Director
Beata Kander



INTERTEXT Translation Agency has been writing its history for 30 years now, constantly adjusting its offer to meet the changing expectations of our clients and the market. The agency was set up in 1989 as one of the first such businesses in Poland. Already during the first year of our operation we attracted 5 strategic clients. With their trust we were able not only to maintain our market position but also to focus from the start on the highest quality of our services. In 1993, as the first translation agency in Poland, we set up a separate department responsible for proofreading. Till this day our proofreading team ensures that our translations are flawless and consistent with any client-specific terminology.

The subsequent years brought us new challenges, followed by professional successes. In this way we established our recognisable brand of a reliable and professional business partner in multilingual communication services. In 2000, we provided comprehensive service for the Economic Forum in Krynica and the Foreign Ministers’ Summit in Warsaw. In 2006, we provided translation services for the Mažeikiai Oil Refinery acquisition deal by ORLEN. Four years later we completed a translation project of many thousands of pages of documentation for unmanned aircraft, and provided language services for the related pilot training. In 2014, we started cooperation with new global customers by delivering numerous multilingual projects, which until this day constitute one of the core services of our agency.

Warsaw, Poland, Europe, World – we operate a translation agency with a global reach

Our well-devised development strategy and persistence in pursuing our business goals, along with a focus on building an attractive offer, enabled us to create a brand which is recognisable far beyond our home city or even Poland. For years now we have successfully provided services to clients operating on the global market, by offering them comprehensive assistance in managing multilingual communication, both written and oral. With the comprehensive nature of our offer and the wide range of languages in which we excel, we are able to deliver virtually any project, regardless of the language pair or subject matter. Also, the quality of our services is confirmed by the ISO17100:2015, an internationally recognised standard for companies operating in the translation industry, which in 2015 replaced the former EN 15038 standard.

We constantly redefine our offer and thus always stay one step in front of our industry competitors

What has undoubtedly contributed to the success of INTERTEXT Translation Agency on the Polish and foreign market of translation services, is our flexible offer. We adjust it to meet the needs of our clients, while using innovative technologies to support our employees in their tasks. In 2012, we implemented the MemoQ programme for computer-assisted translation process. At present, quality and consistency of our translations is additionally guaranteed by the terminology management service, where we employ modern technologies to create and update terminology databases and glossaries for our clients or for the specific divisions of their businesses. This allows us to ensure terminology consistency across all documents, even if there are several translators working on one project or if the project is spaced over time.

Another component which makes us stand out against the competition, and also sets a development standard for a modern translation agency, are the DTP services, that is digital preparation of documents for printing or electronic publication. INTERTEXT Translation Agency offers also graphic design services – in cooperation with graphic designers we prepare multilingual versions of flyers, posters, manuals, catalogues and multimedia presentations, materials to be distributed online and in print.

Our offer includes also localisation services, to help our clients adapt their texts to the specific market or target audience, in terms of both their form and contents. Such services are rarely offered by a translation agency as their scope requires from the translator not only to prepare a linguistically correct text but also to analyse it thoroughly with consideration of a wide array of factors that may impact the text’s clarity and reception among its target audience.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional translation agency with an individual approach to each project, we will be more than happy to hear from you. INTERTEXT Translation Agency is a business partner that will never let you down.



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T (+48 22) 621 97 18
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